Workforce Strategy Consulting

Health System leaders today should be evaluating their current processes, policies and practices in place related to their workforce. With all the dynamic changes occurring in the healthcare landscape and the way we deliver care the need for a workforce optimization solution has never been more important. It’s imperative that organizations enhance their clinical workforce strategy related to recruitment, deployment, retention and technology.

We understand that a more engaged and adaptable workforce to fluctuate with volume changes, the ability to automate your scheduling process and share resources throughout the entire system is desired. Despite current processes in place leaders question the clinical productivity, workforce design and manual processes surrounding scheduling, reporting and compliance. Most systems experience volume fluctuations, high vacancy and turnover rates. The need for a larger resource pool, analytic software, real time information and the ability to better manage/communicate with your staff around workforce needs is paramount to continued success.

We also both recognize that irrespective of the size of the healthcare system, workforce management is a challenge. Placing the right staff member in the right location at the right time and at the right price is complex and often seen as a daunting task to undertake. By implementing a robust workforce management system, organizations can yield substantial cost-savings opportunities while improving staff engagement and utilization. Workforce management or optimization solutions have reduced costs, increased revenue, optimized business processes, improved employee satisfaction, and reduced turnover at all of our clients. These solutions provide an integrated and automated way to bring together silos of data, people, and processes for improved management.


Hallmark Healthcare’s Innovative Staffing Solutions and Clinical Integration Programs

Workforce Optimization Program

Hallmark Healthcares solutions improve the nursing experience, removes dissatisfiers, right sizes the workforce and offers more layers of nursing support to flex up and down as patients demand, all while decreasing over all labor costs and improving patient outcomes.

Our 3 phased approach takes your organization down a journey of discovery. An in depth gap analysis of existing processes and actual practices will bring us to a presentation of enlightenment and a new beginning for sustainable Workforce Optimization.

Situational Assessment

This phase consists of Evaluation, Interviews and Process Mapping that cover Nursing Departments and Human Resources Departments. The assessment also takes into consideration existing technology relating to workforce and Site Evaluations of all related healthcare locations.

Strategic Workforce Optimization Program

Program design and Implementation of recommended and approved changes

Implementation of Workforce Optimization Program and Symbiotic Technology

Technology Implementation

Reporting Matrixes

Success Monitoring

Workforce Optimization

"Right resource, right place, right time, for the right price"

Healthcare companies face dramatic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory demands.

Our consulting services support you to identify and optimize your business potential.

Our healthcare consulting efforts are derived from People, Process, Technology (PPT) methodology (healthcare enterprise labor management). This highly-customized approach to healthcare consulting focuses on the labor management strategies that provide hospitals and healthcare systems the greatest opportunity to optimize resources to drive savings, enterprise wide.

Hallmark process to optimize workforce

Best practice approach taking a holistic people-process-technology view to deliver a comprehensive strategic workforce solution.

Optimize labor cost - Based on current staffing processes and labor spending, Hallmark helps to implement and standardize best practices for resource management and deployment. Driving down costs related to premium wage resources, improper utilization of staff and or reliance on Travelers/Agency and OT.

Workforce management needs to evolve from a reactive transactional model to a proactive, strategic model. We partner with your organization in this evolution bridging strategy and technology, providing a clear direction and enabling hospitals to rapidly realize the benefits of workforce optimization.

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