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Hallmark Healthcare Solutions adds Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center as another Einstein II Client

Mt Laurel, NJ – October21, 2015 - Hallmark Healthcare Solutions (HHS) is pleased to announce our most recent Einstein II client, Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center. Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center will be deploying the Einstein II, Staffing and Scheduling Solution to manage scheduling of hospital wide resources. This cloud-based, artificially intelligent solution achieves and exceeds the functionality of many of today’s scheduling systems with the ability to configure to the need of each department in order to deliver a standardized solution across the organization. Einstein II helps hospitals proactively control workforce costs, enforce standardized staffing processes, optimize labor productivity, all while clinically allowing the scheduling of staff based on HPPD, acuity, workload and future demand.

Tonya Heim, CNO with Memorial, explained why Einstein II was the only solution for their critical needs. “We examined several solutions over quite a long period of time, knowing our choice needed to have a profound and positive effect on our day to day staffing activity, as well as support long-term strategic vision and business processes.”

“We, like so many other hospitals, are undergoing transformational changes and wanted to continue to offer the best to our patients and community. Einstein II was the only solution that could truly support the varying needs of each department, all while delivering the top line analytics and reports that leadership demanded”.

Built out of necessity, Einstein II was developed leveraging the knowledge gained through consulting with hospitals around the world for over a decade. This strategically developed and tactically implemented solution supports and automates the achievement of an optimized, fiscally responsible workforce.

Dave Butcher, Director with HHS, explained that Einstein II was developed with the “all things to all users” mentality. “At HHS we are very conscious not to overcommit the effect that one of our solutions can have, but with Einstein and its second-to-none configurability, we don’t have to worry about this,” he said. “Einstein is led by its industry leading “Artificially Intelligent” rules engine, so we can take anything from anyone and “in build” the variable in the auto scheduling process”. Einstein II is currently leveraged in various modalities (inpatient and outpatient) within the Healthcare domain. For more information or to request a demo, visit

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