Scheduling Process

Scheduling Process in Healthcare Organisation?

Scheduling practices focuses on the various policies and rules applicable to workforce staffing and scheduling. Policies deemed necessary under certain circumstances can soon become practices which are manipulated to result in significant spend for the organization.

The step is to understand the current policies and practices which influence workforce staffing and scheduling. It will help articulate the intent of the different policies and the actual practices which are followed by employees. Interviews with the nursing, scheduling, and house supervisors will provide “on the ground” understanding of the policies and practices.

Major scheduling practices affect the scheduling process:

  • Employees are booked on call for a regular shift and later work as “”call duty”.
  • Employees do not sign up to work a shift until the shift is deemed as a “critical shift”
  • Employees who have indicated availability to work are being booked “on call” even in units where no on call is required.
  • Employees are mandated to work in other units when the original unit where they are scheduled cancels.
  • Employees are floated to all units instead of clusters.
  • Incentive pay/OT logs are manually maintained and monitored after the expense is incurred.
  • In some cases casual nurses are not fully utilized – their nurse patient ratios are lesser than the same for FT/PT in the same department.
  • There are several cases where specific employees are scheduled for more than 80 hours a week regularly – stress was quoted as one of the main reasons for leaving in exit interviews.

Isaac Ullatil

I am the Principal and CEO of Hallmark Healthcare Solutions, and lead the group’s healthcare practice. I assist hospitals and healthcare systems with effective workforce planning, development of analytic solutions, improvement of operating margins through business process re-engineering, and efficient data management to strengthen internal efficiency. I am also the General Manager of the joint alliance between ECG Management Consultants & Hallmark Healthcare Solutions. The alliance just released our first jointly developed product: Heisenberg II, an artificially-intelligent, cloud-based service that allows health systems and physician groups to more efficiently administer, manage, and evaluate their physician compensation plans.

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